Qliphotic forces

Onderstaande ‘nieuwsbrief’ email ontving ik gisteren van schrijver Peter Moon van wie ik zo’n beetje al zijn boeken heb gelezen. Blog over ‘Qliphotic forces’. Met zijn persoonlijke toestemming publiceer ik het hier.

In Hebrew, the word DA’AT literally means knowledge. This is the same as the Greek GNOSIS which refers to knowledge or insight into humanity’s real nature, leading to the deliverance of the divine spark within humanity from the constraints of earthly existence.

A UFO, the disappearance of the U.S.S. Eldridge, a time machine or a host of other paranormal phenomena all allude to the prospect of a “divine spark” being involved. Whether it is truly beneficent or divine is another prospect. What is more relevant is that such demonstrates or suggests a power that is beyond ordinary human capability.

The Tree of Life is depicted as consisting of ten basic emanations, each representing a different aspects of existence and each being associated with a different archetype. DA’AT is usually omitted from such depictions because it is “invisible” and it also represents the crossing of the Abyss from the world of the incarnated to the world of the unincarnated but almost always in a positive sense. But as I said in the previous post, there is a darker side.

While the QLIPOTH represents the waste bin of life, it also represents counter effort against life. For every divine emanation, there is an opposite reaction. In the case of the waste bin or garbage dump, the QLIPOTH is not simply exist in a dormant or resting state; but rather, it contains forces and vectors which activate the garbage (sometimes referred to as shells or hollowed out forms) and animate it. Here you have zombies, monsters and super secret government mind-control slaves.

Almost all of what you see about aliens and other paranormal phenomena on television or in the movies represents qlipothic forces. It isn’t even the result of conspiracy but rather due to the inherent qlipothic forces within individuals. If no one watched such media, it would no longer be produced. One feeds off the other. It is always best to cut such a cord.

Aleister Crowley was someone who emulated qlipothic forces. Regardless of his reason for doing so, this explains why so many of his adherents become tainted and worse. It also explains the disastrous lives that so many have suffered from their Scientology experiences. Such forces cannot succeed in working against you unless you are already invested in them.

Each one of the sepiroth or divine emanations in the Cabbala have a counterpart in the QLIPOTH, each with their own specific name and characteristics. While studying them can potentially be beneficial so as to recognize negative forces in your own life, be very watchful because too much study of the negative can drown you in it. People who do videos on this subject are often hypnotized by the subject and are actually working for it as they attempt to explain it.

In the case of DA’AT, its negative counterpart is called BELIAL, representing both the demise of knowledge and the contempt of knowledge. You see BELIAL manifesting in former cult members who have tasted esoteric knowledge but walk away with great bitterness because of the abuse they suffered. Accordingly, they have a contempt for any of the knowledge that was categorized as doctrine in their cult. Whether or not such knowledge is actually valid or useful is another prospect entirely. You also find BELIAL circulating around the release of public documents. If you notice, however, people who are preoccupied with DISCLOSURE, they are already consumed by BELIAL and are chasing the tail of such. They would do better to look inwardly.

As an exercise, check out the sites you typically frequent and note down the qlipothic forces.  It would be helpful to actually note them down and keep a record for at least one week.

In the next post, I will discuss how all of this relates to the Montauk Project.


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